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In case you would like to begin mastering with us, please click this button, fill out the contact-form and we will get back to you with your personal account for up/downloading and detailed instructions about the whole procedure.


Our Rates

A key advantage of XARC Mastering is pricing information is always up-front and available in advance of starting your project. The result is pricing certainty; you know exactly how much your mastering costs, and are never charged a single penny more. This is further bolstered with a no-risk guarantee. You are provided with as many revisions as you require, until you are completely satisfied.

As a convenience, our "Get Your Quote" calculator simplifies the process of determining what your mastering costs. Prices include the entire mastering package, including free consultation and evaluation of your mix(es) (before any payment is due), as well as any revisions you might need based upon the approval master(s).

To obtain an instant quote, simply select the target media(s), enter the number of songs and the total length of all songs into the calculator below and click "Calculate". You will find your quote is very competitive based on the proven high-quality results and personal service you receive.

Get Your Quote

Please enter the number of songs you would like to master and fill in the total length in minutes and seconds:
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Notes about Our Pricing

1 All payment for mastering projects is due in advance (prepaid).

2 All prices exclude VAT. No VAT will be charged for clients from the European Union with a valid VAT-ID Number or clients from non-EU countries. Clients from the European Union with no VAT-ID Number will be charged 19% VAT.

3 You will be billed in Euros. All other currencies quoted are to provide approximations only. Payments in Credit Cards in non-Euro currencies will be converted to Euros by your card issuer or financial institution at their prevailing currency exchange rates at the time of your payment. If paying by bank transfer, kindly ensure payment is sent in Euro to our bank account.

4 The calculated quote is not binding; we will confirm the track count, total length, and respective binding quote once we have received your material.

5 Mastering for other types of media (i.e. other than CD and/or Vinyl), such as DVD, is possible -- please contact us for a specific quote.

6 Intro and interlude-type tracks that do not require any processing, as well as instrumental mixes from vocal versions (if their sound is identical to the main version, just with the vocals or other tracks turned on or off) can be included for a flat fee of €9 EUR each.

7 If you require shipping of your master CD by mail or courier instead of internet delivery, the fees are as follows: For Master CD delivery via standard ("snail") mail, €35 EUR. For Master CD delivery via FedEx, €30 EUR plus FedEx fees.

8 Rush service may be available for an additional fee (2x the standard price), depending on our current mastering project schedule. Rush delivery usually entails delivery in approximately 1 to 7 days. Please contact us for more details and to check availability.

Payment Methods

We are pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express directly. We also offer payments via your bank account (e.g. electronic check) via PayPal.

If you reside in a locale that does not enable you to use PayPal, do not have a credit card, do not have a bank account, or simply prefer to pay by cash, we can accept payment via Western Union.

We also accept payments via international wire transfer to our (German) bank account. This service is often available free-of-charge from European Union financial institutions.

Turnaround Times

Once payment is received, your mastering is scheduled. Mastering turnaround time varies, depending on both the quantity of other ongoing projects, and how much time we require to perfect the mastering. Our turnaround time is usually longer than that at most other mastering studios; a testament to our exceptional time and quality commitment on every project. Turnaround normally varies between 1 to 2 weeks. Please feel free to contact us for a turnaround estimate.

Advanced-Scheduling Payment Option

Because the normal turnaround time can sometimes grow too long for some clients who nonetheless do not want to utilize the rush-rate option, we are very pleased to offer the ability to advance schedule mastering sessions, before the sending of mixes. Essentially, those who utilize this option prebook and prepay a slot in our mastering schedule. For example, if one knows sufficiently in advance that they require masters of a project by the 30th of November, but also know they cannot supply mixes until the 27th of November, it is possible for them to pre-book the required mastering time by paying for it in advance (basing on a estimate of amount of songs and their total length - which can be adjusted through an additional invoice or refund after the mix upload if there are any big differences from the initial supplied values).

This effectively enables pre-paying, pre-booking clients to skip the sometimes several weeks-long delay between receiving mixes and completing a mastering project, inherent to our standard scheduling system. Simply put, as long as time is pre-booked far enough in advance, and as long as mixes can be provided by the date indicated, mastering can be completed within a few days.

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