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About Our Demos

While clearly demonstrating the quality of our mastering services, the following demos also provide an excellent introduction to precisely what XARC can accomplish across both a wide range of genres and across a sizable range of source mixes (from "very good" to "problematic").

In addition to listening to the tracks featured herein, we invite you to also compare our unique-to-XARC demos with those of other mastering studios. We are extremely confident you will find them absolutely superior in all respects.

We particularly ask that you also listen for the mastering nuances that are quite specific to XARC's mastering approach. You will assuredly find that XARC is about far more than making tracks louder; our process ensures (often very dramatic) improvement in all aspects of musical expression, ranging from clarity through to spaciousness, balance, and definition.

Featured Demo

Soul Militia - Five Track Demo

Soul Militia Estonian-based and highly successful, this band released two impressive albums in three years. We are very proud to have mastered their latest, Silence Before the Storm!

Demo:  Before:  MP3 WAV    After:  MP3 WAV  
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Demo Notes

All demos switch between the un-mastered and mastered version of the track every 3, 5, 7 or 10 seconds, always starting with the un-mastered version first.

Demos are sortable by clicking on the respective column headings.

Although WAV is the recommended format, being the highest quality, you may also stream MP3-quality audio for each demo.

Artist Title Genre Hear / DL
Lewis NewmanPiano TrackAmbient MP3 WAV  
Robert OttarssonEinaPop MP3 WAV  
Derick DahlForeverAlternative MP3 WAV  
De Don Feat. Meester G.HardHip Hop / Rap MP3 WAV  
Well RedCorkonian BrigadeAcoustic / Pop MP3 WAV  
SheblenderInformation MusicRock / Bigbeat / Electronic MP3 WAV  
The Relay CompanyMarco PoloPop / Rock MP3 WAV  
Mark Ibberson & Vanessa HarrisonLitanyShort Anthem MP3 WAV  
ICU Music Series (Mar Leva)Mambo BrasileiroBrazilian MP3 WAV  
Eric GaleSomeonePop MP3 WAV  
G. MacgregorSpacecookieProgressive House / Ambi Dub MP3 WAV  
ICU Music Series (Mar Leva)NordesteBrazilian MP3 WAV  
ElmodicSolitudeSynth Pop MP3 WAV  
Eddie FBe YourselfHouse / Electro MP3 WAV  
Alzie RamseyInterludeSmooth Jazz MP3 WAV  
Aladin SaniDenominatorHip Hop MP3 WAV  
Trond IhleVed Denne StrandPop MP3 WAV  
Benny Barksdale Jr.When Sunny Gets BlueSmooth Jazz MP3 WAV  
Iain Cross / Jon the Baptist / Jay SandersHypnotizedTrance MP3 WAV  
PitchCall Me (Remix)R & B MP3 WAV  
Ugur DoganLoosing ItWorldfusion / Experimental / Ambient MP3 WAV  
AuralityPhoenix RisingDrum & Bass MP3 WAV  
Karl WolfRefereePop / R & B MP3 WAV  
StreetWarriorAngel AngelRock MP3 WAV  
Two Men In A BoatRetrosexualIndie MP3 WAV  
EnatainHurry UpPop / R & B MP3 WAV  
John GortonDown On MeHouse MP3 WAV  
Ahmed SalehImpromptu For Franz SchubertClassical Piano MP3 WAV  
Virtual MythIts About TimeCountry MP3 WAV  
EmilyLegende Urbaine (Radio Mix)Pop / R & B MP3 WAV  
John TafaroVision Of The RoseContemporary Jazz MP3 WAV  
Brides In BloomPush Comes To ShoveHard Rock MP3 WAV  
RKMSpanish DessertPop / Rock MP3 WAV  
A Black Market DiaryTight On TwoRock / Hardcore MP3 WAV  

Special Demos

The following demos, drawn from a wide range of genres, particularly exemplify how we create a full and coherent project out of "just a collection of tracks." Each demo presents either three or five track collections, succinctly demonstrating how XARC's mastering services apply to entire albums.

Robert Ottarsson - Aeskudraumur (Genre: Pop) 4 tracks from this album

MP3 WAV    before the mastering
MP3 WAV    after the mastering

J-Mac! - Everything (Genre: R & B) a CD Single (3 songs)

MP3 WAV    before the mastering
MP3 WAV    after the mastering

Ashes Of Soma - Exit 674 (Genre: Rock) 5 tracks from this album

MP3 WAV    before the mastering
MP3 WAV    after the mastering

Soul Militia - Silence Before The Storm (Genre: Pop / R & B) 5 tracks from this album

MP3 WAV    before the mastering
MP3 WAV    after the mastering

Tico Da Costa - Lagartixa (Genre: Brazilian) 5 tracks from this album

MP3 WAV    before the mastering
MP3 WAV    after the mastering

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