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Succinctly, XARC Mastering is a passionate, affordable, on-line process audio mastering firm, based in Dresden, Saxony, Germany. We were founded in 2003 by Lorenz Vauck, a talented and experienced Mastering Engineer with a deep love of music and an even deeper commitment to his work and clientele.

We are proud to have become one of the most influential and quickest-expanding audio companies in the world, having mastered thousands of tracks for artists from around the globe (over sixty different countries in all). From top-notch video game soundtracks, to 'indie' productions, television commercials and chart-topping hits, we have proven ourselves to set the standard in the mastering industry.

Our Chief Mastering Engineer, Lorenz Vauck

Lorenz Vauck, Chief Mastering Engineer

In many ways, and similar to many other creations throughout history, XARC Mastering came about "by accident." Indeed, one major milestone for XARC occurred in May 2003, in the form of a really quite accidental on-line encounter. At that time, Lorenz was still working primarily as mastering engineer for national German artists and movie production companies (as well as in the area of television audio, editing, mixing and mastering for the daily requirements of a German television station).

It was while still working in this "off-line" realm, that Lorenz browsed an on-line musician/producer forum. A song posted there for review sounded particularly appealing to Lorenz, who decided to improve upon it sound-wise, mastering it for his own personal collection and listening pleasure. Being quite pleased with the results, he decided he had nothing to lose by sending to the composer. In hindsight, what happened next probably isn't too surprising -- the composer said "this rocks, I am sending you $50 USD for your job!"

This revealed an obvious opportunity for Lorenz to take his work international. When a look around the Internet proved on-line mastering to be a brand new concept, Lorenz did a bit of test marketing. Before he knew it, the clients started pouring in. Quickly becoming addicted to working on an international level while doing the most inspiring work of his life, Lorenz thought long and hard about what to do next.

After mastering for over thirty independent artists during 2003, Lorenz decided to "take the plunge" into full-time, on-line mastering. The result was truly life-changing, enabling Lorenz to work with an amazingly diverse, creative, and talent-filled range of clients, hailing from, literally, throughout the globe. Indeed, Lorenz has said that "The depth of talent and creativity I am able to work with each and every day, I assure you, is far beyond just inspiring, and has very much changed my life. I really couldn't hope for much more."

For More Information...

One of Lorenz's newest projects, a blog at www.LorenzVauck.com, provides not only a deeper insight on himself and XARC, but also probes the depths of the mastering and music industries in general. Lorenz would be honored if you would visit, comment, learn and enjoy!

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