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Earful Audio

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:43 pm    Post subject: Resolution and Beyond Blown Away Reply with quote

Dear Reader,
Many of us have a need and a desire to express ourselves in creative ways. In the field of Music and it's performance ... it is essential to try and engage the listener ... on as many levels as possible. If we could somehow get the audience to understand the Love and Dedication and sometimes years ... that it took ... to bring a 3 minute song to them ... one would like to think ... that perhaps they would have a deeper appreciation of the piece being presented ... Live performance or recordings. To capture the moment on a decent recording ... is what some of us live for. Many lives have been spent in the pursuit of this. It is a noble way to spend a life. However ... it is difficult to be really good at all of the parts that one needs ... to be able to make a good recording. You know ... composing, playing, performance, tracking, mixing and Mastering etc ... Music is and has always been first and foremost ... a people thing. It does us no good to create something that just sits on a shelf... not to be shared. It is kind of like being rich and having no one to share it with. Gratification for the self is important, but it is only 1/2 of the equation. We will sometimes work ... to the point of exhaustion ... to create something that others will ... hopefully ... find value in. We have to finish our recordings in such a way ... that it will entice the listener ... to keep listening. This is where ...from my experience ... Xarc comes in. Lorenz has a unique set of qualification's and experience ... that one would be hard pressed to find duplicated ... anywhere ... by anybody else. I would put money on my previous statement. Plus ... he is a really good guy to boot. I am humbled by the level of quality and expertise that Herr Lorenz has brought to my humble efforts. The people that I work with and myself ... after being the recipient's of his deep Knowledge,Experience and Kindness ... would be extremely reluctant ... at best ... to try and go it alone ... without his involvement. Music is everything to many of us. Earful Audio now only has 2 stages of development. Pre-Xarc and Post-Xarc. If we develop our technique and learn to use the equipment that we have ... to the very best of our ... hopefully ... constantly evolving ability ... and listen with Integrity ... trying to do the very best that we can ... for our people and the Music ... then finish our projects with taste and quality ... the listener will be engaged ... and entertained. The coolest piece of hardware ... and by far the grooviest plug-in that I have ever encountered and utilized ... is the Xarc Online Mastering facility. Thank you for reading this.
Earful Audio
Mountains are climbed ... 1 step at a time. We can accomplish anything if the desire is strong enough and the motivation is sincere ...
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2022 9:31 am    Post subject: - Reply with quote

Hi, I am trying to do a mixdown from cubase of a song with my band. The drums are done in midi, with it routed to a VST plug in called EZ Drummer. However, when I mixdown, there are no drums heard on the track. How do I get the VST to show up on our mixdown and what am I doing wrong?
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