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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 1:31 am    Post subject: XARC Mastering Announces Revamped Website, World's First ... Reply with quote

"XARC Mastering Announces Revamped Website, World's First Mastering Blog, Exciting Affiliate Program"

XARC Mastering, the world's premier on-line CD & Vinyl (pre-)mastering studio, has recently announced a series of exciting new developments, each linked to its web presence. The company has today released a revamped website and the world's first "blog" devoted to the mastering industry. These new expansions to XARC's brand come on the eve of its second anniversary.

Lorenz Vauck, XARC's Managing Director & Chief Mastering Engineer, explains these developments were prompted by the company's increasingly growing clientele (now numbering nearly a thousand clients from over sixty countries): "With the consistent growth we had experienced last year, we felt it was important to 'give something back' to our clients, by adding further value to our mastering services and the XARC brand," indicates Vauck. "The end result is made up of the three very exciting new developments we have officially announced today," Vauck continues.

The first development, the new XARC website, reflects a major upgrade to XARC's web presence. "The new website is another very exciting new development for us," states Vauck. "I think it really sets us apart in the industry, in terms of providing not only substantial information on XARC's specific services, but also offering a comprehensive, easy-to-understand perspective on mastering in general."

Next, is an industry first a blog specifically devoted to the mastering industry, authored by a mastering engineer. Available at http://www.lorenzvauck.com/?ref=prj06 the blog provides a very personal, deep insight into the mastering industry and the life of a mastering engineer. "I think a mastering blog is something long overdue and I am very proud to be able to take the initiative to contribute back to the music industry by authoring one," says Vauck. "The new blog will also enable us to better demonstrate both the incredible diversity of our clients, and how that is critical to artistically enriching XARC's mastering work," Vauck continues.

The final development, the affiliate program, is offered to both current XARC Mastering clients and other interested parties from throughout the world. All affiliates are empowered to earn cash payments whenever prospective mastering clients are referred to XARC's website. Those interested in more information about the affiliate program can visit XARC's new affiliate program home page at http://www.xarcmastering.com/affiliates/?ref=prj06 .

Speaking about the affiliate program, Vauck explains: "We recognized that referrals from our current clients drive a substantial portion of our current growth, and that this really should be rewarded. We're now providing that opportunity." Vauck also detected that such a program would also be of interest to a wider audience: "The other benefit of the affiliate program is that it allows absolutely anyone with an interest in XARC to form a very profitable, mutually beneficial relationship with us. Truly, everyone can win with this arrangement."

In all, these developments cap off a year of continued growth for XARC. Consistent with its business philosophy, truly everyone benefits XARC affiliates can earn revenue ($17 USD per qualified lead) by referring others to XARC, while the broader Internet community can more efficiently learn about XARC's services in particular and mastering in general.

Moreover, the media also continues to take considerable notice in XARC; Vauck was recently interviewed regarding XARC, for a recent issue of Computer Music Magazine. Both XARC and Lorenz's new blog are prominently featured in the magazine's January 2006 issue, in an article entitled "Masters of the Net." Also inspiring is Computer Music's conclusion that "XARC's detailed service is outstanding, and the mastering itself is absolutely up there with the best." The article is available at http://www.xarcmastering.com/about/cmm06.pdf .

Vauck jokingly states, that the ultimate benefit of these recent developments may be to his own 'mental sanity': "With the blog at least I now have an outlet to talk about more than just the business I'll think it'll really be emotionally cathartic," he laughs. "All kidding aside though, the new site, the blog, and the affiliate program are very powerful and really inspiring developments, and very much build upon our tradition of mastering excellence," Vauck adds.

XARC Mastering How Does Your Music Sound?

For more information on XARC Mastering please visit http://www.xarcmastering.com/?ref=prj06

Media Contact: press@xarcmastering.com
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